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The Family Friendly Pharmacy that Delivers

Apple Valley Pharmacy, conveniently located in Merchant Square off of Kings Highway in Warwick, NY, treats all members of your family – from your cat and dog to your children and your grandmother.

As an independent, locally owned pharmacy, we are committed to personally meeting your family’s needs with:

While you wait for your prescription to be filled you can relax in a welcoming setting, pick up those health and beauty products on your shopping list, or browse our Cozy Corner Gift section for Yankee Candles, jewelry, luxurious bath products, greeting cards and gift wrap, handmade treasures and more. We also have a photo development machine, photocopying and fax service.

Stop by and see just how friendly our full-service pharmacy is.

News & Health Updates

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Compounding To Solve Life's Problems

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Your Medication Coverage May Be At Risk

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What Can My Pharmacist Do For Me?

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Acupuncture: Treating the Body Through the Ears

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